Last month we learned that JORGE CAMAROTTI was awarded a grant from Bravo!FACT (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent), to produce a short film to air on Canadian television in the Fall of this year. Jorge was kind enough to take time out of his busy production schedule to talk to us a little about his upcoming film, 165 Days…

Bill Charles Represents: Could you give a brief synopsis of the film?

Jorge Camarotti: The film tells the story of a Canadian soldier who returns home to his wife after fighting in Afghanistan. Upon his return however, he struggles to readapt to his “previous life” as a farmer; but one unexpected call requesting his return to combat seems to be his salvation.

BCR: When did you begin working on the script and what served as your inspiration?

JC: I started writing it last summer. I had this insight or idea with really vivid images; I can’t really explain how that happens…[laughs]. It took me 2 days to have an overall story on paper but then I worked on the screenplay for almost 6 months. Late October I met my producer, Erick Martinez. Erick is a young but well recognized producer director in Montreal. Erick worked on major American productions such as Snow white, Mr. Nobody and most recently “On the road” directed by Walter Salles. I was really impressed with his commitment to the project. The story was originally set in the 70’s (Vietnam war), but after reviewing production aspects (especially art direction and costume) we decided to adapt the screenplay to a more contemporary setup. Now our story happens in Afghanistan. The story itself is timeless.

BCR: When and where will you begin filming?

JC: It’s going to be filmed in Montreal, outside the city. We’re shooting mid May. Right now I’m doing a lot of preparation, scouting, finding the location, deciding last details in art direction and costume. It’s a lot of work, but I’m really excited!

BCR: How long have you been making films alongside your photography?

JC: I started making films around 2007. It was a Canadian film competition I decided to do at the last minute with a short documentary about a Brazilian guy living in Canada. It turned out to be more of an interview than a documentary, but he had a really compelling story, and I ended up being a finalist in the competition.  But even when I was younger, every insight I had for photography was always movement. Photography was my way of expressing those ideas.

BCR: In what way is this film different from your previous commercial films?

JC: I don’t remember putting as much time into previous projects as I have this one. This is personal. I feel really responsible for telling the story properly. In a music video, or a commercial, you have to deliver something inspiring that will help promote an artist’s work or in the case of a commercial, sell a product. Real life based stories carry a huge weight. Ultimately, we are telling a story that represents somehow reality to many people. You can’t mess it up!

Watch Jorge’s previous films and see photos.

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