anthony suau fighting back pic

ANTHONY SUAU– Recording the music soundtrack to his film Fighting Back. Produced by Bill Charles.  Click Anthony Suau link to view video:  Anthony Suau

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Jorge Camarotti photographs Salome Le Clerc for Voir Magazine.

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Joseph Rodriguez

Bill Charles Represents the internationally recognized, award-winning American documentary photographer, Joseph Rodriguez. Mr. Rodriguez will be having a show in Cologne, Germany from March 2nd – April 6th 2013 at the HARDHITTA GALLERY.

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Sage Sohier- About Face

Sage Sohier photographs individuals with facial paralysis. There are a variety of causes for the facial paralysis, including Bell’s palsy, tumors, strokes, accidents and congenital nerve damage. See photographs of these individuals in Sage Sohier’s new book, About Face. Patients recieve long-term physical therapy at a clinic in Boston, Mass.,  sometimes coupled with Botox therapy.

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KYOKO HAMADA – Tavi Gevinson & Ira Glass for WSJ

KYOKO HAMADA photographed perfectly The Blogger and Radio Star together for the Wall Street Journal Magazine. Tavi Gevinson, editor-in-chief of Rookie and famed radio host of This American Life, discuss their work and their influences on each other in this article by Alice Gregory.

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JORGE CAMAROTTI – 165 Days Poster

The latest film project from JORGE CAMAROTTI is in its final stages. 165 Days, tells the story of a Canadian soldier who returns home to his wife after fighting in Afghanistan. Upon his return however, he struggles to re-adapt to his “previous life” as a farmer; but one unexpected call requesting his return to combat seems to be his salvation. Stay tuned for more updates on its release.

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JORGE CAMAROTTI — enRoute Magazine

Bill Charles Represents is proud to show the latest cover shoot by JORGE CAMAROTTI for Air Canada’s enRoute Magazine. CNN recently ranked the enRoute as the top airline travel magazine, noting its “classy of-the-moment design and fantastic original photography” as setting its look apart from the crowd. Click here to see more of Jorge’s fantastic original photography.

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